Not Bitcoin! These 3 crypto currencies are booming now

As the Bitcoin price continues to be quite lazy around the $8,000 mark, other crypto currencies have managed to steal some of the spotlight from BTC in recent days – so it’s probably worth keeping an eye on it in the short to medium term. We are talking about Ethereum, Litecoin, LEO and Binance Coin.

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In the last 24 hours Litecoin has outperformed all top 10 crypto currencies in terms of market capitalization. The price was $120, an increase of about 12 percent.

However, Litecoin has since withdrawn and is currently trading at around $115. Litecoin’s performance in 2019 has so far been nothing but impressive. Since January 1, LTC has grown by about 300 percent. Interestingly, the most recent increase comes about 58 days before Litecoin’s Halving event. This will reduce the block premium from 25 to 12.5 coins per block, which theoretically could cause a further increase in the price.


LEO is trading at around USD 1.70, which represents an increase of around 70 percent since private sales. The crypto currency currently has a market capitalization of around 1.7 billion US dollars.

  • On the daily chart, LEO sees an increase of around 3 percent. According to LEO’s white paper, iFinex will make regular monthly buybacks and token burns.
  • The company and its affiliates will buy back LEO tokens from the market that represent at least 27 percent of gross revenue. The reduced supply could theoretically keep the price higher as demand remains the same.

Binance coin

Probably not surprising for many – but Binance Coin is still on the watchlist of the best old coins of the past year. Don’t be surprised if its increasing utility – especially with Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) – and the regular burns that reduce the supply on the market drive the price to new all-time highs by the end of this year.